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Procurement, operation and maintenance of IT software has long since ceased to take place completely in-house in most companies. But IT sourcing is not about delegating responsibility. It is about clear communication, setting goals and productive collaboration. Good outsourcing integrates with corporate strategy, develops long-term business relationships and is always aware of its own value proposition. The best result is the satisfaction of all involved!

Sourcing concepts: clear, fair, targeted.

There are the incorrigible, for whom quantity is still more important than quality. But experience shows that IT sourcing projects that push costs as far as possible while expecting results best yesterday fail. The polar bear sometimes watches its prey for hours until the most opportune moment arrives. That is exactly how we proceed: Most importantly, we want you to be clear about your goals so that we can advise you in a way that catches you the fattest fish!

Our solutions for IT sourcing

Contract Negotiation for IT Sourcing

Contract negotiation is the Champions League of jurisprudence. What good is a congenial contract if you can’t find anyone to sign it? Negotiations are not only law, but also marketing, business management, risk analysis and psychology. That’s what makes them so difficult. But your counterpart is not your enemy – after all, your common goal is successful cooperation. To achieve this, we coach your negotiators. We are also happy to participate in the negotiations ourselves or to conduct them on our own responsibility. Because just playing in the national league is not enough for us.

Project in Crisis

Afterwards, you always wonder what the problem was. Once again, your customer didn’t pay. Your developer once again delivered faulty code. Agreements were not kept, the frustration is deep. What now? The most important thing is to get clarity quickly: Do you want to continue the project or has it failed for good? We therefore tell you not only what the problem was, but also what you have to do now. Then no one can come along afterwards and wonder what the problem was. Because THAT is the question!

Sourcing Strategies for your Company

Are you an astronaut? If your answer to this question is (unfortunately) no, we have to assume that you are not floating in a vacuum. It’s the same with your sourcing: isolated without a connection to the rest of your procurement and business, it can’t reach its full potential. The best sourcing comes from a purchasing strategy and sourcing strategy! What is its function in the company? Who is responsible and how is the budget allocated? Who do you want to work with? Answer these and other questions with us. Together we develop a spaceship a strategy for your sourcing model!

Tender for Sourcing Projects

You want or need to put your project out to tender? Be careful! Because tenders are complex for two reasons: First, you need to finalize your contract for custom software before you know your contractor and possibly the specifications. This in turn means that you have already defined your project requirements in detail. Secondly, a tender usually takes place in a dense regulatory environment. Our advice: Don’t write off the tender, but contact us!

Design of Sourcing Contracts

No two projects are alike. What we will not do, therefore, is foist some contract template on you for your software development. Our contract design is based on the following considerations: What is your project goal with outsourcing and how do you want to achieve it? Our consulting therefore starts with a joint workshop in which we work out these questions with you. This is followed by an iterative process on our part, in which we map your project precisely in a sourcing contract in close consultation with you. Others offer you the off-the-peg suit, with us you get the tailor-made suit!

Insights und News

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