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My Role

Lawyer and Blockchain enthusiast

My Favorite Technology

Appreciation, trust, and blockchain

My Motto

Doing is like being able to, only more blatant.

Before I die I would like to

Surf in Hawaii or just world domination

My Role

Research assistant

My Favorite Technology

E-mopeds, Fax machines

My Motto

Stress is the enemy of serenity.

Before I die I would like to

Circumnavigate the world without a plane

My Role

Research assistant

My Favorite Technology

(Computer) Chips

My Motto

Do good.

Before I die I would like to

Buy Property fence for Granny

My Role


My Favorite Technology

Internet and Multi-Tasking

My Motto

The greatest happiness is sometimes very small.

Before I die, I would like to

Fly-in Safari Serengeti Tanzania

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Are you interested in IT law, blockchain or Agile? We are always happy to have committed reinforcements. If you can imagine doing an internship or your legal or elective internship at our firm, please feel free to send us an email with your CV and a brief introduction of yourself.

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We simplify digital value creation and enhance its security.

Our mission

The legal framework for IT services and digital business models is complex. Like technology, they are subject to constant change. You must adapt to this in your projects and ventures. Only then will you succeed in developing sustainable digital value creation.

With our experience as entrepreneurs, consultants and experts, we explain the relevant aspects to you and work with you to find pragmatic solutions to your challenges.

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Why the Polar Bear?

What connects a polar bear with an IT law firm? Long story short. Polar bears are wonderful creatures. Just like us.

Seriously, we chose the polar bear as a signpost between worlds. That’s what we strive for between IT, business and law. Originally, its scientific name is „Ursus maritimus“, which means sea bear. In fact, polar bears are categorized as marine mammals.

Polar bears are well adapted, patient, persistent, powerful, shape-shifting and strategic. Traits that are critical to being successful as an advocate and trusted advisor as well.

We would also like to highlight that the polar bear is an endangered species as sea ice is rapidly diminishing due to global warming. Sustainable action is an essential requirement for us as consultants but also as people!