Our Strategies for successful Start-Ups

Start-ups are a guarantee for innovation and further development. However, the potential of many start-ups is often not reflected in their current resources. While large corporations have no problem planning for the next few years, the planning reliability of start-ups tends to be measured in the range of days to weeks. In order to achieve long-term success, not only a good idea is important, but also its implementation. An often underestimated risk lies in the legal implementation. A lawsuit can quickly lead even a sustainable start-up into insolvency. Don’t let it get to that point!

Courage and vision: Start-Up Spirit.

You don’t drive a fancy company car? You don’t pay yourself million-dollar bonuses? You are driven by your vision and start-up idea and not by quick money? Some large corporations may smile at you. The polar bear can jump over five meter wide ice crevasses. Our opinion: start-up founders show the same courage. That’s why you deserve great respect and cooperation at eye level!

Our solutions for Start-Ups

Legally compliant imprint & privacy policy

Speaking of salvation: Do you know any warning lawyers? If not, we hope you never have to meet any. Unfortunately, we know some. The biggest risks: A faulty imprint or a faulty data protection declaration or data protection information are among the most common reasons for warning. In Germany there is namely imprint obligation. Are you planning to create these documents yourself using one of the many online tools? That’s one option we won’t deny. But keep one thing in mind: in this case, no one is liable except yourself. Instead, you can get comfortable and outsource the liability risk to us for a flat 199 €.

Collaboration with Start-Ups

Have you ever tried to push through your 200-page master agreement with a startup? That rarely works. Start-ups have a completely different structure than established companies and corporations. However, there is often a lack of understanding of the special situation of start-ups. Are you planning to work with a start-up or have you even started already? We make sure that you can tap into the start-up’s knowledge in the best possible way and that both sides ultimately benefit.

Business advice for Start-Ups

Did you study law? For your salvation, we hope you can answer no to this question. Unfortunately, however, it is essential for your success to clarify legal issues from the very beginning in order to prevent problems from arising in the first place. Which start-up legal form is the best? Who is liable for the start-up? How do I hire employees? How do I protect my ideas? How do I formulate general terms and conditions? Do I need a license? If we had learned something sensible, we would not be able to answer these questions. But now we can. So let us do it, so you don’t have to.

Patent and trademark registration for Start-Ups

Don’t let them steal your shit! Let’s face it: you have the billion euro idea. This billion is yours (and ours, but that depends on the mandate agreement)! Please don’t be the type to lose your lottery ticket on the train. So protect your intellectual property from the start and from intellectual property theft. That includes your patents and your trademarks. Nobody should get the idea to steal your ideas. So that you get your billion (minus our share, of course), we, therefore, register your patents and trademarks after a patent search and trademark search.

Insights und News

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Unternehmen unter NIS2UmsuCG

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